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Audio Cassettes To CD Service

Transfer your outdated audiotapes


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Transfer Audio Cassette to CD

Cassette tapes were once a popular format, but have almost completely been replaced by CDs. Cassette players are becoming harder to find and the physical tapes are breaking down with the quality degrading over time and with use. A great solution for preserving them is to transfer them to CD. CDs take up less room, last longer, and CDs with track separation make it easier to navigate to particular songs.

Standard Pricing

Transfers to CD are charged per tape. A single CD can hold up to 80 minutes of audio. For tapes that are over 80 minutes, each side of the tape will be transferred to its own disc. If you have multiple short tapes, they can be combined on to a single disc. Standard pricing for cassette to CD transfers is as follows.

Choose Your Service:

  • Budget Audio CD, No Track Separation, Full Stereo, 16 Bit
    $19.00 / Tape
  • Professional Audio CD, With Track Separation, Full Stereo, 16 Bit
    $35.00 / Tape
  • Extra Copies to Archive or Share, A great gift!
    $5.00 / each
  • Noise Reduction
    If needed, we can eliminate unwanted noise and preserve what you should hear, utilizing
    Dolby Laboratories’ noise reduction technology.

Prices include a black imprint on the CD and a thin jewel case. Additional packaging options are available at an additional cost. Prices do not include applicable sales tax.

This pricing guide covers most standard projects. Every project is unique and we understand that our standard pricing may not cover your particular situation. Give us a call and we’ll put together a quote for you. 612-872-8284